Our Suppliers are the lifeline of our company. We maintain constant contact with their
technical engineering teams to keep up with the constant advancements and changes in our
product lines.
Neuco Distributors
It's More than Just Oil. It's Liquid Engineering
The full range of Castrol metalworking fluids, cleaners, corrosion preventives and
Research, Development & Manufacturing of Metalworking Lubricants
Hangsterfer’s Cutting Oils are recognized by Swiss Style Screw machine manufacturers
world wide. Cuts have improved tool life and surface qualities by as much as 300%! In
addition to the lubricity provided at the cutting zone, their cutting oils provide excellent
lubrication for the machine’s slides, guide bushings, bearings, and spindles.
Taking On the World's Toughest Energy Challenges
We stock and sell ExxonMobil Products.

Petro-Canada produces over 350 innovative lubricants, specialty fluids and greases that
deliver greater purity, durability, multi-functionality and performance
The Fluid Part of Your Business Plan
Neuco has a complete line of Coolants, Lube Oils, Rust Inhibitors, Greases, Cleaners,
Drawing and Stamping Lubes, Compressor Fluids, and Aerosols. When you have a special
need that cannot be filled with our standard vendor line.....
We will make it for you!
Food Grade - Total Performance Lubricants
An industry leader in Food Grade products specializing in H1 lubricants for the Bakery,
Poultry, Pharmacutical, and Beverage Industries.
Protects Like No Other
A full line of General Purpose Industrial Lubricants.
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Advanced Products for Advanced Cleaning
Sold under AXAREL®, BIOACT®, CleanSafe™, HYDREX®, LENIUM®, RE-ENTRY®, and
RustSafe™, SOLVAG™ brand names. Their products are used to clean precision
components and assemblies in the following high-reliability industries: Aerospace, Defense,
Electronics, Medical Devices, and Precision Metal Machine Shops.