Molub-Alloy 777ES
Castrol Molub-Alloy™ 777 ES greases are designed for very
heavy duty service in adverse environments.

    They are blended and compounded to withstand heavy and
    shock loading, commonly found in the steel/primary metals,
    construction, mining, and forest products industries.
    Molub-Alloy 777 ES greases are made using a blend of high
    quality petroleum oils, polymers and a proprietary blend of
    Molub-Alloy lubricating solids. These lubricating solids work
    synergistically with chemical anti-wear and extreme pressure
    (EP) additives to reduce contact temperatures and wear while
    providing the ultimate in extreme pressure and shock load anti-
    weld protection. This blend
Molub-Alloy 4086
Castrol Molub-AlloyTM 4086 high-performance bearing grease is a heavy-duty all-weather grease
manufactured from high-quality components, carefully selected for their compatibility with Molub-Alloy
lubricating solids. Molub-Alloy 4086 has good film strength and is formulated to protect against friction and
wear under heavy loading due to a proprietary blend of Molub-Alloy solid lubricants.
Molub-Alloy 6780 Wide Temp Grease
Castrol Molub-Alloy® 6780 is a .wide temperature bearing grease designed for year-round service in both
bushings and antifriction bearings. Castrol Molub-Alloy® 6780 matches the tough service requirements of
mining applications, including bearings and bushings of excavating equipment subjected to broad service
temperature ranges as well as offroad mobile equipment general lubrication. Castrol Molub-Alloy® 6780
was developed with emphasis on the following performance characteristics:
Tribol 1100 Series Gear Oil
Castrol Tribol® 1100 Gear Oils are manufactured from the highest quality pretroleum base oils. Blended
into this oil is the latest developement in the filed of surface improving additives designated TGOA. TGOA
is an oil soluble additive package designed to reduce friction while providing surface protection and
improvement. The TGOA additive package offers superior performance because of its unique action on
frictional surfaces.

    TGOA works by establishing a highly protective metal rich lubricating film. This film is formed by the reaction
    of TGOA additives due to frictional heat and the catalytic action of metallic surfaces. The results are a
    smoothing of surface roughness without creating abrasion. Therefore, surface roughnesses are reduced
    without the usual loss of surface material.
Optimol Optigear BM Series
Castrol Optimol Optigear® BM is a solid-free, high performance gear oil. Wear problems such as abrasion,
surface fatigue (pitting), grey staining, or problems during the running-in phase are controlled. Castrol
Optimol Optigear® BM contains Microflux Trans® which is an additive system that adjusts itself to changing
loads and actively prevents wear.
Molub-Alloy 936 SF Open Gear Grease
CASTROL MOLUB-ALLOY™ 936 SF is a uniquely compounded open gear lubricant developed specifically
for use on heavy-duty equipment in mining and industrial service. It forms a tough lubricating film on the
friction surfaces which is resistant to pressure and shock loads as well as unfavorable ambient conditions.
The structural integrity and strength of the lubricating film is particularly valuable in the critical process of
running in new gears because of the natural occurrence of high spots (asperities) in newly machined
surfaces. The lubricating film must separate the mating surfaces sufficiently to cushion the effect of the
impact of asperities, and thus minimize initial pitting which could lead to progressive and destructive pitting
EP Grease for Bearings & Bushings
Correct Grade for Temp
    together with a shear stable thickening system provides a uniquely effective seal against loss of grease or
    contamination from the atmosphere, even where mechanical seals may be damaged. Rust and oxidation
    inhibiting characteristics are maximised to afford effective rust protection and long life of the grease.
Swing Gearcases
Enclosed Gearcases (e.g. Hoist & Drag Drum)
Open Gears, Dragline Shovels,
and Swing Rack & Rollers
(Arctic, Light, Medium, Heavy)
    The results of the TGOA process can be compared with a
    rolling process in the micro-range. The surface
    roughnesses are gradually leveled and smoothed. Through
    this smoothing action, the actual load-bearing area is
    enlarged with the loads being distributed over increasing
    areas. Therefore the actual load per unit of working area
    If surface roughness peaks redeveloped because of shock
    loads or stop-and-go operation, the TGOA additive
    package is automatically reactivated. Surface roughnesses
    are again smoothed and lubrication optimized.
    Castrol Tribol® 1100’s have passed the harsh Cincinnati
    Milacron Thermal Stability Test. This test evaluates copped
    and steel corrosion and oxidation stability. Castrol Tribol®
    1100 Gear Oils are approved as P 74, P 59, and P 35 for
    the ISO 220, 320, and 460 grades respectively.
    A highly refined, viscous, paraffinic petroleum derivative is the
    foundation of a blended base fluid with excellent natural
    chemical and thermal stability. CASTROL MOLUB-ALLOY™
    936 SF is compounded to flow readily in the film-forming
    process, yet it resists "squeeze-out" and clings tenaciously
    even to gear teeth in vertical orientation.
    A proprietary blend of CASTROL MOLUB-ALLOY™
    lubricating solids is included in particle sized suitable for open
    gears to promote antiwear properties.
    Rust and oxidation inhibitors are included in the formulation to
    protect the equipment and the lubricating film against the
    elements in severe climates.
  • Broad service temperature application range for year-round

  • Work-shear stability to be effective in severe mining and off-road
    mobile equipment applications.

  • Resistance to the washing action of water.

  • Castrol Molub-Alloy® 6780 consists of premium petroleum and
    synthetic fluids blended to ISO 68 Viscosity Grade and thickened
    with a Calcium (12-OH) soap. For ease of pumping in cold
    climates, 6780 is formulated to NLGI Grade Number 1.

  • Castrol Molub-Alloy® 6780 contains a proprietary blend of solid
    lubricants together with extreme pressure - (EP) chemical additives
    which work synergistically to provide the high, degree of antiwear
    and EP characteristics required in heavy duty off-road service.

  • To provide corrosion protection in wet seasons and protection
    from aging in long service at high temperatures, 6780 is further
    fortified with effective rust and oxidation inhibitors.